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Buddha Behind Bars

Read along as Janine shares with you this true biographical story of transformation, spiritual awakening and compassion behind bars.  

She will start the audio interviews in May and writing the book’s chapters in October of 2023. 

This is a spiritual journey that you don’t want to miss. 

Testimonials from her other books

"Expressing the Divine really cleared up some false beliefs and helped me resolve and dissolve resistance that I didn't even know that I had. What is meditation, what is this, what is that, what to expect, what to look for, how to feel, anything like that. Our awareness as humans is turning on to another level and Most have no Idea what to do or who to ask to get these answers. I love the chapter where Janine starts talking about The Clairs, -sentient, -audient, etc.. When I read that part it really helped me understand and differentiate some of the past things that have happened in my life and helped me understand other individuals around me. Thank you!" -Trevor Mickelson,
"Janine has done it again! Expressing the Divine is written to give readers a roadmap to exploring, accepting and learning to use their gifts. She gives essential tools for anyone who is questioning their reality and figuring out how to navigate from where they are. I enjoyed the reminders of what growing your relationship with The Divine means for us as individuals and how that affects the collective. Brava, Janine! You've hit the mark and provided much needed and very useful information for all of us."
“Expressing the Divine gave me so much clarity on the mystical world. It helped me to understand my innate talents and to feel empowered with my gifts. Not only did I gain a better understanding of myself and of others, Janine provided concrete tools to enhance them and to integrate them into my every day life. This book is basically a “how-to” for mystics, written by someone who has traveled the world and experienced it all in depth! I highly recommend this book for anyone searching to understand their skills and align with their purpose.” -Alison Repp,