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Janine Bolon: Welcome to The Practical Mystic Show. This is Janine Bolon and today I have with me an amazing guest. I just cannot say enough about Tracy. After she survived a spinal cord injury that she received from a car accident, she was paralyzed from the waist down. This is an area where she and I have both come together on this because she and I both talked about the times we could not walk and we are told horrible things. Her life basically shifted from being very technical to very spiritual with that experience. Basically, in order for Tracy to heal she had to study so many different types of healing modalities. Basically, she was born an [inaudible] and with that ability she could see and hear spirit or source. It depends on your paradigm as to which one is appropriate. Basically, she felt that life had gone full circle. As she began to get in tune with her body, it also began to reopen the precious gift that she had with her third eye. Having regained the ability to walk without assistance, Tracy is now a motivational speaker and internationally known medicine person. She travels the globe teaching, speaking and being a divine conduit for healing energy work living her best life and she loves working with people bringing knowledge and inspiration everywhere she goes. Thank you so much for being with us today, Tracy Urban.

Tracy Urban: Thank you so much, Janine. It is my pleasure.

Janine: Okay. Yeah, we always have so much fun together. And so one of the things I wanted to share with the audience, you and I when we connected, we were both dancing. We were both very excited, we were both dancing around and people thought we were a little crazy as we were dancing to the music and it was just because you and I both know what it is like not to have that ability. We both been paralyzed and told we would never walk again and we both said enough with that noise. We are so going to make this work. Now you wrote a book about this though. You wrote From Paralysis to Purpose. And so talk to us a little bit about your journey and how you use it to inspire others.

Tracy: It is interesting because I knew after I woke up from the surgery within probably hours, it was almost like divine intervention where that title had already been gifted to me and I knew that something good was going to happen from that even though I definitely did not feel like it at the time. It is interesting because prior to my accident I had been gifted lots of information around the law of attraction or around just being able to really create what you wanted. And so I had baby steps towards that journey. So when I was actually paralyzed, I am talking like weeks, months after I had really become fascinated and intrigued with the law of attraction. When I went into the hospital room, I knew immediately that I had special nurses that were not anything I had experienced prior. I had my first PT person come in and did something real curious with her hands, and I whisper to her “You are a healer, are you not?” and she just did not reply. I accepted and allowed them and I knew and I told the nurse. I said, “I am going to write a book one day and it is going to be called From Paralysis to Purpose. So when you hear that title you remember that it was me paralyzed in this bed with doctors telling me I would never walk again without assistance.

Janine: You and I both said “enough with that noise” and you have been unstoppable ever since you crawled out of that bed. You have been a woman on fire. So, tell us a little bit about this shamanistic gig and how you got into that.

Tracy: It is so funny because my daughter was like “Mom, we are going to find the healing because there is healing all over the world. We have heard of all of these miraculous healers.” So she is like “Mom, do not give up. We are going to find your healer.” She really was the catalyst for this search and she came across Reiki and that is where it first started. She was like “Mom, have you ever heard of Reiki?” and I was like, “No.” She is like, “It is some kind of energy. It is healing energy.” We got to learn so then we signed up for a class and I showed up and she did it. I was like “Okay, great. I guess this is for me.” So then that just began the next step and it was so funny because I met some other gals in the class and one of the girls worked with some energy, angelic energy also and she is like, “Let me give you a read” and I am having astrology reading for years. I grew up with them. However, I just had not felt the need to get one for over a decade easily. This astrologist man is telling me how I am going to be working with all these shamans and I am going to have this awakening and I am going to really be changed and I am laughing because I am like, “Oh yeah, born and raised in Denver, never heard of a shaman. I do not even know what that is. Yeah, right.” So, I dismissed it and then sure enough within that next year after that class and meeting these different people, I start getting invited to other classes which introduced me to additional upgrades to the Reiki, which was the sacred blue flame. And then that was the Shakti and Shiva balance. So, really all of these energetic I guess connections just magnetically pulled towards me because I kept giving gratitude for them. The next modality came and then I sure met shamans, ended up working simultaneously with a male Navajo and a female Navajo completely unaware that they knew each other. And then after a year of working with them dedicated throughout that year, then I find out that their clan brother and sister and I am like “Well, of course.” So they introduced me to even more of earth kind of what I really perceive as the understanding of a shaman who came from the Navajo and the indigenous teachers that I was introduced to. From recording I ended up doing the star knowledge conference. You are aware of that conference?

Janine: Yeah, that is where we first met and I remember you sitting in your little corner with your video cameras and recording equipment and that is how you were learning that. But then you ended up doing some DNA testing that had some very interesting results that you are not expecting. Do you care to share a little bit about that?

Tracy: Yes, definitely. So I grew up in a Latino environment and was always told that I was Spanish and Native America. My sister and I finally took our DNA test from the and it came back fifty-one percent Native American and like thirty percent Spanish and then a goulash of Asian and African-American and some other little stuff, but I was shocked and amazed that I had such a strong percentage of Native American. But then it also explained why I was so intrigued by the medicine and by the culture and it felt like home. It really did for my very first peace pipe ceremony that I was introduced to. That was it. I was done. I am like I found a part of me that I had never knew I had in here, in my gut, in my soul, in my instinctual self because heaven knows I did not have any of this information from any family member. They just did not have any information of our ancestry prior to you know, the grandparents are the great-grandparents.

Janine: It is amazing. It is amazing how many people are starting to find their heritage and they find it when they are in their 40s, 50s and that is one of the things I am grateful for If for no other reason it is starting to deliver answers so that people can start seeking in arenas and then they harmonize with that. and I watched you over the course of three years ago from a person who was just seeking, curious, wanting to know more. You have become quite the leader in your field when it comes to healing. So, talk to us a little bit about some of that information that was downloaded into your brain and the type of healing that you do for others now.

Tracy: Well, I feel it comes mostly from my desire to be the detective of all things. First and foremost, that desire to just detect to really process thoroughly every experience in totality led me to the energetic field, which it is so funny because I have recently just in my own head been thinking I am like the quantum shaman because most of the shamans that I have worked with and trained under really work with Earth medicine. I do not want to say older way but in a historic way, but what I married is my knowledge of quantum physics and how energy works. I have studied how energy evolves and with the ability to be an empath and have this insane need to be a detective helped me to really, really understand that all this energy, everything comes from, in my belief system, of fore body system. So, between our mental body, our emotional body, our physical body and our spiritual body, that those energies when they are married really, really can expand and they grow in a healthy way. But in the same, if they are not taken cared of and they are not nurtured or if they are divided, which a lot of us show up when we get the mental health for instance and wonder why our body still goes back into these old patterns or we deal with some emotional stuff but then we do not deal with the mental part and wonder why we are unsettled with our decisions and all these different elements. When I discovered the energy work, what I realized for myself is somehow, some way, that energy swirls together and it works together so simultaneously. Your mental body, your physical body, your spiritual body and your emotional body are able to synchronize, which is the place where we make our best decisions or for me where you and I have talked about before. It is like the quantum field. It is the place where breath and creation begin and are formed, which is where our body gets our healing from and gets our awareness from of where it is coming from. So I have studied the mental avenue. I have studied the emotional. I have gone through Western counseling. I have gone through the shamanic stuff. I have gone through soul retrievals. I am somebody who originally was open to everything until I found what vibed with me.

Janine: I think that is really what I enjoy most about listening to your talk about, not only your own journey and talk about your book and the healings that you have assisted in with other people, and the fact is you continually encouraged others to find their solution. You and I talked a lot about the quantum field because I have a love for physics just like you do and we were both scientists and nerds, geeks or whatever the cool term. Yeah, right, whatever the crazy term is now that is acceptable. But we were really the ostracized. To be a nerd or a geek was not sexy for a woman to be during our time. And so we talked about that and what is lovely is now that we are both shamans in our own perspective, in our own way, what I love about what you do is you are constantly saying to people “Well, does this work for you? Is this something that resonates with you?” You use those beautiful words to make sure that people are moving along their journey in their way along their timeline. So I would love for you to talk a little bit more about the downloads that you got about “Okay. This is what you were going to do, Tracy, and the way you are going to integrate this is going to look different from anybody else’s and so you will call yourself a Quantum shaman.” And so, do you mind defining that a little bit for those who are like “A quantum who? You are hurt, your what?”

Tracy: Yes, exactly. The first download that I accepted was that I was not broken and that I am perfect. That I was exactly perfect, exactly the way I was and the I think the thing that stuck out for me the most was realizing that it is other people’s judgments and perceptions that led me off of my authentic journey and then being an empath I am perceiving everybody else’s energy. So I am perceiving their thoughts, their emotions and I am thinking that they are mine and I did not understand how that worked until I studied the energy part. I said, “Okay. I really have to understand myself now because if I am not broken and if I am perfect, if I am exactly uniquely perfect then I need to figure out how I work because I do not get it. I do not understand why people tell me I am volatile. I do not understand why people tell me I am too much. I do not understand why people… because I am feeling like I am awesome!”

Janine: I know. I remember when you came running up to me and you were like, “Oh my gosh, Janine, I finally got it. I am perfect just the way I am. I remember I looked at you and I said, “Yes you are” and this is something that people did not start labeling shamans like yourself as selfish because you set up boundaries and you start talking about “Well… One of my favorite things that I remember hearing from you was “If you would never take advice from them, why are you accepting their criticism?” It was like, “Hello people.” You did not say it quite in those words but it was around… you were using very Native American terminology and all that, but that is me taking it into Irish Catholicism through my DNA, but that was one of the things. And you hear this all the time “Do not allow other people’s opinion of you to define who you are.” Let us talk to the person who is going through their own journey. How on earth do you do that, Tracy? I mean, seriously. How do you get to a point as an empath as somebody who can feel the judgment of others, who can feel the displeasure that you are not operating according to their design? How do you dissolve that so that it is a non-issue for yourself? I would love to hear your perception on that.

Tracy: My true belief system is that it will only come when you do the work, when you do the healing around the insecurities, the traumas, and when you understand that fifty percent of what you are born with is twenty-five percent of your mother and father’s most thought of, most focused on thing. So if your parents were most focused on stress and fear and lack of money or wanting to party or not wanting to get pregnant or whatever it was, you have to understand that this is a real thing that is part of your DNA system on top of all of the experiences you are going to have in your life that tell you that you cannot trust people, that tell you that people are this, that and the other. However, when I expanded my belief system, to me, I believe that we all come here to play a role for each other, to help each other grow and learn. When I started giving myself permission to create narratives around empowerment for myself instead of the negativity of and fear that we are programmed with from society, our parents, our teachers, everyone else, then I was able to hold on to that belief system. And then I started telling myself “I chose this. I chose that I was going to be paralyzed because I chose I was going to be a badass and show people what I could do. I chose that I was going to have these experiences of abuse and neglect and all of these other moments of impact so that I can embody it, getting the wisdom from it, get the keys to the kingdom so that it can be an empowerment, so that I can then finish the circle and teach others how to get their own keys to their own kingdom because I can almost bet I can connect with almost every experience that people have had out there. I did not feel like it was empowerment previously, but now I know those are my badges of honor and I wear them proudly because they made me the awesome woman that I am right now. I love myself! I love myself now.

Janine: And that is always the challenge, that is the rub, it is to be able to look into a mirror and be able to look yourself in the eye and say I love you. I love you. Some people think that is just a very narcissistic way to be and it is like it has nothing to do with narcissism, it has to do with releasing and letting go of a lot of negative feedback that you receive from people who were threatened by you, jealous of you, not happy about your behavior. You just were not marching to their timeline. You were not marching to their drum and you were picking your own drum and how dare you. You are supposed to cater to my drum and my drum beat and I cannot believe that you would sit there and look at yourself in the mirror and say that you love yourself when I am sitting here in my unhappiness, looking at you and your joy and I am annoyed. So, for those beautiful people out there who are like you and have a high level of empathic nature to them, what is some advice that you can give them on how to start navigating “the work”? We say that in quotes, “the work”, that inner work, right? What are some of those baby steps? Give us some baby steps so that when we do reach out to a shaman or a psychic or some other metaphysical healer, we are already starting on our way and we are looking for new skill sets? What are some of those baby steps?

Tracy: I think what I have really learned for me is there is a clear “move forward” or “do not move forward” simply by taking two minutes to breathe. And if you just ease into a comfortable breath for two minutes or more, you will find yourself in that lovely quantum physics place where the astral plane where you could get the answers that you want first off. But mostly, I feel like if you had to sum it up to something quick and easy, ask yourself “Does this excite me or does it not excite me?” Because I guarantee you if you start allowing yourself to feel your body, when you ask any question, you will feel yourself leaning back, getting in a fetal position or you will feel yourself leaning forward with excitement or giddiness. You might even be a little scared but it is like an amusement park fear where you are like [giddy sounds] “Okay, I am so excited!” And so, for me, that is the key really. When I give my self permission to just really do what excited me, my whole life changed. Baby steps and started giving myself permission to accept and allow that not everyone is where I am at and not everyone is going to understand me and I give myself permission to honor their journey by allowing them to walk their journey without my judgment, without anything for me, which is what I asked of others because I am, and I guess keys are our little affirmations. So I started off with “I am so grateful for like-minded people are. I am so grateful for trustworthy people. I am so glad that I supported my life. I am so safe. I mean, they are just keys because if we do not have these to capture our rabbit holes and to correct our old patterns that are not beneficial then we do not have anything supportive. I feel like to lean into and when I lean into my joy or feeling like “does this excite me or not?” I guarantee you will feel your diaphragm like tighten when it is stuff you do not like. It is the keys.

Janine: Right.

Tracy: Positive words and feeling healed your life. Quit thinking about it.

Janine: Great. Quit thinking and start feeling through your life, especially for impasse, especially for people who can walk into a room and they can tell whether the conversation is positive or negative or confrontational. If it is confrontational they get uncomfortable and they have to leave. Then as young children they were told “Don’t you dare walk away from me. You are going to listen to everything I have to say.” And so for empaths that were raised under that kind of influence, it is very important that they start taking care of themselves in the sense of giving yourself permission, as Tracy says, to walk away. Give yourself permission to leave the room and get into a safe space where you can sit and just breathe. If you cannot find a place like that, start making choices in your life so that you can. I have watched Tracy go from what I like to call a mouse to a giddy woman dancing, having the time of her life and people around her are seriously annoyed by her joy factor. She should not be in such joy because does she not know how serious this life is that we are living. It is one of those things where please remember my dear empaths and shamans and healers like Tracy that it is not anyone’s job to understand you. Okay? You do not owe any kind of justification for what you are doing except it makes me happy. Would you care to share a few words my dear friend on “Do not worry about people not understanding you. It is not their job.” I would love for you to talk a little bit more about that because you seriously annoyed many, many people because you only did things that made you happy and that really was annoying. So, share with us a bit on that dear.

Tracy: They are, they are so, so upset. It was so bizarre, but honestly, just a short revamp. I remember a time, there was a short time before I was paralyzed that I was so unhappy. There was this gal hired in our office and she was like “I used to be” and then she sat there and her sparkling ray of light and every day she pissed me off so bad. Oh my God, and I was like… Finally, after a couple of months and I was doing the Christian thing then so I had heard a great sermon and I had really thought “Oh my gosh, that is how you made people feel, Tracy. That is how you made people feel because they are not in that space and it is so hard.” But one of the biggest things you have to understand is our job here as empaths is to shift the dynamic and most of us, I find a lot of us anyway our [inaudible]. So, carrying the vibration of an empath in addition to carrying this strong egoic energy, when you come to this up like for me for instance, I came to the understanding and knowing that I am here to disrupt the patterns. I am here to disrupt the patterns. And so if people respond strongly to me, I do not care if they are strongly happy or strongly mad because what I know for sure is I disrupted their pattern, and no matter what they might be angry at me until they figure out why they are angry, just like I had to sit in my own unease with this happy gal and get to my own come-to-Jesus moment. And so, for me, that was the huge, huge eye-opener that not everybody is going to be where you are at. Everybody has their own unique recipe that creates the person that they are right now in this time and space and a lot of people are not as healed as some of us are in other areas. All of these things I feel like I tell myself “I am helping these people because even if they are not happy, my happy energy is going out on a vibrational level because I know all this energy”, and that which wants me is going to magnetically suck in my beautiful energy. And if not, I am going to disrupt the pattern and they are going to think about why I troubled them and for me, it is always a win-win because I know that that is what I am here to do. So if I am getting a response, I am doing something right.

Janine: I have to totally agree when it comes to stuff like that. Speaking of disrupting the patterns and one of the things that really intrigued me when you contacted me again was you have got these new projects that you are working on. And boy, did that annoy people that how dare you do these new projects. Tell us a little bit about your projects and what your intention were. I would like you to be able to say it this way where you do not have a lot of people trying to shout you down and that was the thing. That is why I wanted to invite you onto the show because they were trying to shout her down and make it sound like this is nothing. This is nothing. So please share with us what you are trying to do.

Tracy: Thank you so much. I am so excited about this. You know, it is interesting because after you and I had talked, I had already been really thinking about what does Tracy want and how does she want to show up because I know I am a starter of new things. I cannot follow in old concepts. I just cannot. That is not what I am here to do. So, for me, I started thinking what do I want to do? And I was like, “I do not want to do workshops like everybody else who did workshops. I do not want to do six-week series. I do not want. That does not excite me at all. Nuh-uh, that feels like work.” It is so funny because I am fortunate enough to have a group down in Albuquerque the collective frequency who frequently invites me to go down and speak at their arena. After this last talk I gave, I really realized that gate was so clear of all of the ways that I could break down the information that I have to share and teach it in a way that people can walk away with “This is how you are going to change your life.” Things like seriously, because I have gone to countless motivational things. I have done fifty-billion-day trading, doing stocks and because I am an empath I go to these darn things and then they are all excited. And then I think I am excited and then I sign up and I am like, “I do not even like that. Why did I do that?” So from all of my knowledge around the world, I just started going “Well, what do I have to share in the Tracy way because Tracy has got so much information that I was like I am a run-on sentence.” I did not know how to separate my run-on sentence. But I finally so excited to have separated topics. Now I have several new ones that I just implemented. One is moving through moments of empath because to me, even I realized that I had a moment of empath in my wedding the other day when I saw my wedding dress and it was a happy day but it did not change that it is a moment of empath for me. Another one of my self-help or, I guess, motivational talks is self-healing, The Power Within, because if anybody knows how to make a bad situation go to their benefit, I do. So, I am so excited.

Janine: I can honestly say that yes, you know how to take lemons and just a wee bit of sugar and you can make lemonade out of that puppy and have a little bit of peppermint thrown in there too. So, yeah, I definitely can vouch for that. Was there anything specifically you had done a lot of work with? Libraries, and I know you were working with several of the Indian centers. Now that we are in 2021, I do not know if you had a show that you were going to take out on the road next year. What is cooking with you on that?

Tracy: Well, right now, one of my fun new shows is starting off at Facebook. The thing is I am as the director of public relations for the Eagle Heart Foundation. I am super excited. I started the Culture Corner because one of our directors is to share culture. And so I am doing a monthly show and it will be on Zoom, I mean the link is on Facebook and Instagram and some other forms of social media, but the Culture Corner, I am super excited to interview different walks of life. For instance, on the 20th, we are going to be its national team relationship awareness month in addition to Black History month. So, of course, I am going to go out and skirt one and so I am interviewing teams of what dating is like in 2020. I have teams in a relationship, I have single teams and then we are going to close that show with a therapist who is going to talk about good tips, bad tips, yes and no boundaries. I am really excited about that. Excited but back to the Indian Center. In April, we will be having an event at the Indian Center where we will coordinate with the [inaudible] County Library. As it is National Library month in April so we are going to be having food and books and giveaways and just a real fun time at the Indian Center because it is sad that even in the middle of Denver, in the middle of a city, natives are still neglected in the middle of the city. They do not have the resources and a lot of other opportunities even in the middle of the city. I mean on the reservation, it is so much worse. So we are excited to start building partnerships with them and we make trips down to the Navajo Res and take supplies. We have many, many ongoing programs that we are real excited about to continue the circle of giving, and culture sharing mainly is exciting for me because I love information. I love culture. I love history.

Janine: And you love being able to share it and that is through the Culture Corner on behalf of the Eagle Heart Foundation. Tracy, we are going to wrap it up today and I just wanted to ask. How do they get a hold of you? You are all over the place. So, how do they connect with you if they want to get to know you better or if they want to hire you or something like that? How does someone get a hold of you?

Tracy: The best place to reach all my information, you get all my classes, courses, pricing, all the things I do for my website, which is returntoselfsanctuary and the “to” is to and “self” as in yourself: or you can find me on Facebook. My page is Intuitive Flashes. Those are my two primary that have of course all my emails and stuff. My email is too long so I do not want to tell you that.


Janine: Yeah, I highly recommend everybody to get on the website and then she has a “contact me” section and you can figure out how to get ahold of Tracy at that time. So, Tracy, thank you so much for joining us today and sharing with us your Quantum Shamanism, which is the amalgamation of multiple understandings and intuition. Thank you so much for being with us.

Tracy: Thank you, Janine. It was my pleasure.

Janine: And this is Janine Bolin with The Practical Mystic Show for today. I just want to remind you my dear empaths, mystics, psychics, mediums, healers. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, but do not ever stop reaching for those stars. We will see you in the next episode.


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