Workshop #3: Motivation vs. Inspired Action

What are the skill sets and psychic abilities that you carry around with you everywhere? Are you using Motivation or Inspiration to expand and grow those skills sets?

Come learn from Reno and Janine how to identify and practice your self-awareness to identify with clarity when you are using motivation to complete a project or you are creating your life from a place of inspired action.

February 25th
10am-11:30am on ZOOM

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Learning the Necessary Difference 

Motivation vs. Inspiration


Have you ever heard U2’s, “Where the Streets Have No Name” without the guitar intro?

Can you imagine Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” without the Piano?

There are just certain things in this world that wouldn’t be the same without one key element.

And, in your journey through life, YOU are that element. You are the key instrument in the community song. YOU are the gift that makes a community great.


So what happens when you lose your motivation, inspiration or creativity?


 This workshop is designed to help you get the clarity you need to move into the world with confidence & understanding of your many gifts.

In this dynamic, deep, and inspiring 90 min event you will gain practical tools for Mastering Inner self-talk and assist you in creating a clearer path for yourself and your message.

Reno LongMoons, long time Wheel Walker of the West joins me, Janine Bolon, a Global Wheel Walker of the East in sharing with you the exercises and tools that you have available to yourself right now to bring about the clarity you seek.

It’s time to kick your “Buts” out the door and provide yourself with truly transformative strategies that will allow you to break through the haze of uncertainty!

Get ready to have more clarity, confidence, and concrete next action steps in only 90min. We’re so sure that you’ll find this time together helpful,


Resources & Coaching
2 Different Wheel Walkers & Bundle Carriers

Janine's Wheel

Reno LongMoons and Janine Bolon have been holding Crow Lodges, Moon Lodges and Spiritual Retreats for over 25 years. They are now coming together online to bring over 50 years of combined wheel walking & shamanistic wisdom to you. 

Reno has been building bundles and assisting women with learning their skill sets for the past 15 years. Up to now most of her work has been done in-person.
Janine has walked Medicine Wheels for Native American Tribes as well as worked internationally for prayer conferences, business conferences and tribal ceremonies in 7 different countries. Of the 16+ different tribes she has worked with, each uses the Wheel in a different way and with varying intentions.


By attending this workshop you will come to understand what it means to know your high self while meditating on various outcomes, Reno & Janine will demonstrate their first hand knowledge of how you can use these systems to bring about the clarity and confidence needed for your own spiritual journey.

This 90 Minute Workshop is shared in 4 parts

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