Seeking the Divine: An Intimate Journey into the World of Mysticism

It’s not every day that you get struck by lightning. I didn’t die in that moment, but considering I wanted to talk to God face-to-face, it would have been nice to have the Big Guy introduce Himself. Hi, I’m Janine. God Chaser, Scientist, Shaman and Sacred Clown.

In this book I’ll share with you how to:

  • Chase God through the pathways of Christianity and get Him to talk to you
  • Converse with the Divine/Source using meditation from Hinduism & Buddhism
  • Understand Native American Mysticism through the Medicine Wheel paradigm

What you are in the eyes of God is unlike anything you’ve been taught, if you have been raised Catholic like me. This book is dedicated to the seekers who crave a one-to-one conversation with God. Allow me to show you how it can be done.


Finding the Divine: A Glimpse into the Realm of God

This book is written for and dedicated to any seeker who craves a one-to-one conversation with God. Allow me to show you how it can be done. I will share with you: 

  • How Sitting in Silence is the beginning of the Mystic’s Journey to God
  • The Second Coming of Christ Experience
  • The Afterlife Adventure
  • What Good & Evil really is in the Eyes of God



Expressing the Divine: A Guidebook for the Enlightened Soul

This guidebook is one of many possible answers to the questions you seek. I found what I was looking for on December 26, 2010. 

For most of my life I had a single overarching desire. I wanted an audience with God. I had some massive questions to ask Him/Her regarding the state of the world, why it operated the way it did and why I was here. 

These questions have all been answered for me and if my path can in any way give you clues to your answer, then it is appropriate for us to travel together for a time. 

In this volume you will discover:

  • Your Personal Spiritual Gifts
  • Different Labels of Mystics Expression
  • Creating Stability With the Four Disciplines
  • Creating Your Life Path Through the Pleasure of Routines
  • Powerful 3 Minute Meditations
  • Finding Future Vision in 3 Simple Steps
  • Fundamental Frequencies for Every Mystic
  • Expanding Your Spiritual Gifts While Increasing Your Cash Flow

As you move through this book I’ll be starting off with basic concepts that you may have already experienced. I do this so that we have common ground for the descriptions I will give further on in the book.

Creating With The Divine: Moving into Your Flow

Creating with the Divine is the book that can guide you to making those tough decisions that alter the direction of your life. Reno LongMoons & Janine Bolon team up for the first time to bring you new paradigms and skill sets that will allow you to change the perspect you have of your life as you move out of the cross roads of indecision and step out with the confidence on your journey. In this volume you will find tools & systems for:

  • Building Personal Trust
  • Releasing Your Old Beat Up Routines
  • Actiing with Inspiration not Motivation
  • Dissolving Your Fears Rather than Being Ruled by them
  • Jumping First and Learning to Swim Later
  • Harmonizing Your Life Rather than Balancing It

This book is about trusting yourself to make the right decision at the right time for you. And only you. For any person who has always thought of others first and themselves last, this book is fo you.