3 Minute Meditations for Practical People

This is a self-paced course I have designed for all my students and friends who have asked me how to meditate. 

Here is what is covered in the course:

  • Introduction

    1. Outline of the Course
    2. Creating a Space to Meditate
    3. Carving Out Time for Meditation
    4. The Successful Mindset
  • Learning to Sit

    1. Posture
    2. Chair
    3. Foot & Hand Placement
  • Learning to Breathe

    1. Hindu Breathing Technique
    2. 12-12-12 Breathing
    3. Buffalo’s Abundance Breathing
    4. Dolphin’s Deep Breathing
  • Sitting Forms of Meditation

    1. Floor & Pillow
    2. Chair
    3. Prone
    4. Riding the Bus & Waiting Around 
  • Walking Forms of Meditations

    1. Lunch Break Routine
    2. Forested Trail
    3. Park
    4. Exercising & Jogging
    5. To the Mailbox
  • Incorporating Meditation into your Daily Life

    1. Right after Rising
    2. Morning
    3. Lunch Break
    4. Before Dinner
    5. Before Bed
    6. The Once-a-Week Stretch
  • Bonus Materials: Affirmations, Tips and Techniques

    1. Affirmations
    2. The Different Forms of Yoga
    3. Meditation Tips for the Wandering Mind
    4. Eating Habits
    5. Fasting

Thank you for trusting me by taking this course. 

I have OPEN Friday Coffee Chats should you have questions that you need answered. 

Details are in the course.

Walking the Medicine Wheel Online with Janine

Walking the Medicine Wheel is a process mystical Native Americans and tribal shamans have used for centuries to focus their psychic gifts to create positive change in their environments, relationships and physical bodies. 

In this course you will learn to:

  • Focus your own spiritual gifts so that you can receive clarity, confirmation and direction in your life

  • Walk the wheel when you feel stuck or restless to bring you peace & comfort

  • Increase your receptivity to receiving the good things life has to offer you

  • Transform your life onto the path you wish to walk rather than the path laid out by others

  • Increase your financial well-being

Janine has walked Medicine Wheels for Native American Tribes as well as worked internationally for prayer conferences, business conferences and tribal ceremonies in 7 different countries. Of the 16+ different tribes she has worked with, each uses the Wheel in a different way and with different intentions. 

Walking the Medicine Wheel can be as intimate as an individual coming to Source for the desire to be free of an affliction or as public as an entire tribe walking the wheel to heal a river of pollution. 

This program discusses the more intimate, personal uses of the Medicine Wheel. Come to this course bringing your personal intention for change and let’s bring a Season of Summer into your personal transformation.