Walking The8Gates

Walking The8Gates goes deeper into the Medicine Wheel as discussed in Janine’s classes & books. Each month you get two meetings where the different gates of the wheel are brought into clarity in a group setting on ZOOM.

Goals of the Group:

  • To discuss our spiritual growth & expansion with openness and safety
  • To build a network of like minded individuals
  • To constantly improve our lives to be better servant-leaders in our communities, work and businesses.

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"Creating with the Divine"

This is book #4 in the Divine Series.

This volume will explore how to unleash your creative powers as you come online to your full potential as a creator of your own reality. Going beyond theory this volume will give you step-by-step systems and practices to express your divinity in new realms of art, music, dance, writing and moment-by-moment flow mechanics of self-expression.

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