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"Creating with the Divine"

This is book #4 in the Divine Series.

This volume will explore how to unleash your creative powers as you come online to your full potential as a creator of your own reality. Going beyond theory this volume will give you step-by-step systems and practices to express your divinity in new realms of art, music, dance, writing and moment-by-moment flow mechanics of self-expression.

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Walking The8Gates

Walking The8Gates goes deeper into the Medicine Wheel as discussed in Janine’s classes & books. This is a year-long program that starts every year on December 31st.  Each monthly meeting you are walked through the different gates of the wheel and brought into clarity in a group setting on ZOOM.

Without the focus and clarity brought about by planning and creation of our mindful life  many of our goals, dreams and desires slip through our fingers in the activity of day-to-day rush of life.

Originally this Program was called The Mystics MasterMind and met “in person”  for mystics to help one another move along in their psychic skills and metaphysical traits. 

This MasterMind will facilitate you in the following ways:

  • Identification & language for the various psychic talents you possess or you are noticing
  • Provide you a safe community to express what you know and how you arrive at the altered states that allow you access to remote information
  • Dream interpretation
  • Totem Animal Guidance
  • Shamanistic Support
  • Spiritual, Emotional & Mental Tips and Techniques for dealing with your Empathic Nature 
  • Demonstrations of various gifts and talents from our fellow participants who volunteer their time and gifts
  • Connections with others of like mind
  • All while learning how to use The8Gates that reside in your own soul. 
  • By the end of the year you will have created your own Medicine Wheel

We meet once-a-month to encourage one another as we expand our gifts. If you are unable to attend “live”, we record our sessions for later viewing.

There is a final project due in December of 2022 that will grant you access to the next round of trainings from Janine.