Copies of Volume 4 of the "Divine Series"
along with a series of workshops for
implementing what you learn.

4 Workshops Based on the Book

Workshop #1: Transformation
June 27th (put this in your calendar)
6:30-8:00pm mountain time

In this class we will be workshopping each other’s stories of transformation as well  learning how we each used the Story of Jumping Mouse to find our own paths along our spiritual jounrey. 

We will be covering the first 2 Chapters of the book!

Workshop #2: Release Beat Up Routines July 25th

We know better than to allow negative self talk to get us down, but it happens. Sneaky beat up routines th strike when we’re feeling down, tired, or hungry. We all know better than to listen to such ugly “trash talk” but sometimes it still out flanks us. 

We will be covering Chapters 3 & 4.

Workshop #3: Trust & Decision Making August 22nd

No matter how good our metaphysical skills there are times that we waver and stammer as we attempt to move down our spiritual journey. This discussion will be about trusting your decision making process and what to do when all your skills fail you. It happens. Having a process to pick yourself up is a fabulous tool in your tool box.

We will be covering Chapters 5 & 6 of the book.

Workshop # 4: Harmonizing Your Life September 26th

Many times we are taught we need to live a balanced life. “I want to have a balanced life,” is the refrain. What if we show you that life is easier, simpler and gentler if you follow a path of Harmony? 

We will be covering Chapters 7 & 8  along with additional material that didn’t make it into the book.

Are You Feeling Stuck? At a Crossroads in Your Life?

Creating with the Divine is the book that can guide you to making those tough decisions that alter the direction of your life. Reno Longmoons and Janine bolon team up for the first time to bring you new paradigms and skill sets that will allow you to change the perspective you have of your life as you move out of the cross roads of indecision and step out with confidence on your journey. In this volume you will find tools & systems for:

  • Building Personal Trust
  • Releasing Your Old Beat Up Routines
  • Acting with Inspiration not Motivation
  • Dissolving Your Fears Rather than Being Ruled by Them
  • Jumping First and Learning to Swim Later
  • Harmonizing Your Life Rather than Balancing it

Trust yourself ot make the right decisions at the right time for you and ONLY you. For any person who has always thought of others first and themselves last, this book is for you.

Comments from our community of mystics...

This is a book of awakened spirit. So I would clearly recommend it for anyone who is currently on or has ever been on this journey. No person can tell you to "Wake Up... or Be Awakened" it is obviously a calling that comes from a greater source. This book, through Janine and Reno, can act as a Guide at any and maybe even All Stages of the Journey. The practical tools and teachings through story are a great asset, and by the way I love the combination of written and audio files. There is an emotional and transformational aspect to listening to someone tell a story. I truly enjoyed the experiencing of this book. I appreciate you!
Creating With The Divine is a wonderful book for someone beginning their healing or spiritual journey and feel stuck or paralyzed at a crossroads. This book is rich with faith and wisdom to live as your beloved truest self in every moment.
Honestly, I needed this book. For me it became a testimonial to my own wanderings, which have been many. Anyone who has felt lost, who has thought they may have just been chasing a dream will take comfort in the story and glory of Jumping Mouse. We are here to explore, to learn and to grow. Thank you Reno & Janine. I've waited a long time to find my own confirmation. Simply speaking, Jumping Mouse is it!!!
Creating with the Divine is an important read for you no matter where you are on your wellness and spiritual journeys. Janine & Reno guide us through storytelling, sharing their own personal experiences and give us the tools to move forward from past experiences in order to becoming our own biggest fans. They teach us to ask ourselves important questions, to create a plan that gets us where we want to go at our own pace. This special book helps me see how far I have come on my path to Enlightenment and gives me inspiration, practical advice and hope that I will continue to grow and glow.