The Practical Mystic Show with Rev. Kevin Lee, and Janine Bolon: Five Steps to Life Transformation

Rev. Kevin Lee – 5 Steps to Life Transformation33 min read

Janine Bolon: Hello and welcome to the Practical Mystic Show. I’m Janine Bolon. And as you know, I was struck by lightning when I was 10 years old and was called into spiritual service much, much later. So, it was funny how the Divine decided that what it needed to do with me was to give me a lot of mystical abilities and situations and experiences but have absolutely no frame of reference for what all of it meant with him. And with me today is a guest who had a very similar thing, we’re born into certain metaphysical gifts and experiences and no frame of reference. If anything, as many of you know I’m a recovering Catholic but our guest today actually was raised in Texas and in Southern Baptist mentality and perspective and what he was manifesting as far as his divinity was in total contradiction. So who am I talking about? I’m talking about this wonderful man by the name of Reverend Kevin Lee. He’s an international best-selling author, media personality, conscious business coach and a spiritual intuitive. Attending his enlightening programs really empowers you to your life purpose. He’s been featured on NBC, CBS FOX, Chicago News. He’s written a wonderful book called Your Divine Purpose: A Journey to Fulfillment and Legacy. We will be discussing that today. He has earned high praise from readers, as well as two professional media meditation albums that have been put together on his podcast Live with Kevin Lee. He interviews leaders, luminaries and he shares enlightening lessons for all his audiences. Basically, Kevin is a man who just wants to serve and make the world a better place, one person at a time. Thank you so much for being with us today, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey, great to have me. Thank you so much.

Janine: I love it. It’s so much fun because when I get to run into spiritual people, like myself, our life past are totally different. But at the same time, when we come to the same hub of the wheel, we all have that commonality of the hub of the wheel that we, it was kind of treacherous and very challenging and lots of trauma but we finally figured it out for ourselves. And then when you do that, you immediately turn away from the hub and you look back on those who are still walking down their path and you want to help them. And that is very evident in your book. So, talk to us a little bit about why did you decide to write a book now? I mean, you know, what was the trigger for you?

Kevin: Absolutely. Oh, Janine absolutely. Well, I’m just delighted to be here. For one, I wanted to tell you that you just have always meant so much to me and the work that you do is it really is in alignment with everything I am. But I’ll go into this question that you’ve asked, which is about my book. Actually this is my book, Your Divine Purpose and it’s a journey to fulfillment and legacy. And that title’s important, I’ll say this real quick. Because we all are here to have a purpose and we all want to have a fulfilled life. A life of authenticity, as I like to say, but also to leave a lasting legacy behind us with the people behind us in our journey. Maybe children, maybe future generations. And the reason why this book came forward, interestingly enough I had been writing another book probably for the for the last three years. And then a year ago, when COVID hit it made me realize I need to re-evaluate what I’m putting out there as my light, my message. And what what do I really want to speak on? Because my previous book, which is still on a shelf about 20 feet away, it’s still not finished and it’s about 18 chapters long. I love to teach and that book is way too, it’s way too big. But what I realized was, I thought at the core of everything I am, everything I say in my church services, my sermons, my meditations I’m always reminding people you have a purpose in life. You wouldn’t be on earth breathing oxygen if you didn’t. You’d be returned to a higher cause and if we need to help you find that purpose and I definitely have found my purpose in life, through as you said, a mystical experience. I had a couple of them and one of them had to do with a peculiar word called precipitation, we’d might get into that. And so that’s why this book came forward because I realized I have so much business sense. So much, nonprofit and charity mindedness. I’m all about helping people around me that I see looking for purpose in life or or better place of living, a better state of living, I’ll call it. And I thought I can do that. I can take people by the hand and lead them, guide them, gather them, network them and I love doing that. So that’s just me by nature.

Janine: And so when it came to many of the experiences you talk about in your book, you do begin to see as the reader and that’s the thing, isn’t it? When you and I were living our experiences to get where we are today, there was no frame of reference. But as a reader, as we shared with you our story, it becomes clear that there really was a guiding hand, if you will. There really was some force that was kind of moving you through all those experiences, good and bad that led you to the point where you’re going to write a book. You are gathering people, you’re trying to make the world a better place and you’re helping people make it a little easier on themselves. And so they this book is only a hundred pages long, but yet it is packed, absolutely packed with very high quality information and content. So I wanted to say thank you for that. I’m going to let folks know, we’re only going to talk about the five steps of transformation. But don’t think this is the book. This is a small section of the book but it’s powerful. And I thought, I felt when I was reading through your book it was like you were whizzing through so much information that this kind of got pot bypassed. No fans hate one author to another dude, I get it. So let’s talk about the five steps to life transformation. And this is kind of the world according to Kevin Lee and those are the lessons I love most.

Kevin: Well, that’s good to know. And thank you.

Janine: Yeah. Because it’s like this, I have lived through. These are the lessons I came away with. If they can help you, bravo. And that’s pretty much where Kevin comes from. So let’s talk through them real fast and realize you are never alone. That’s number one, I love that one. Number two, you are a soul. Oh, but you have a body?

Kevin: Yes, I love that one. Love that one.

Janine: Number three. Love yourself daily. We all kind of struggle with that, I think. And number four is say yes to life, will go into the sub-headers of that one. And then number five, embody gratitude. Okay? So let’s start at number one, which is realize you are never alone and as a shaman, I can tell you, everyone on this planet has at some point in their life abandonment issues. So, when I have somebody walk up to me and go, yeah, I need some help, I have abandonment issues. I start laughing and I don’t mean to laugh at them, but I’m laughing because it’s like, dude, pick a number and wait. Because we all feel like we got dropped, punted on this rock and we’re supposed to figure it out. So share with us how you know, you’re not alone.

Kevin: Well you mentioned dropped on this rock like third rock from the sun which I think is such an appropriate. Maybe that should have been a chapter title because growing up I always felt like I was from the stars. I felt like I was from a higher place but my family didn’t get that. And I didn’t vocalize it too much, but I did definitely felt it. But as I went through life leaving the farm in Southern Baptist religion and leaving that whole community and moving out into the world and discovering. Actually in the last probably 15 years of life through mystical experiences, that we are not alone. We may think that we are physically not surrounded by people because we live a simple life, maybe we are single, maybe our family is passed on, maybe we just go to work and come home and our life just seems so basic. But we are literally surrounded by souls that are there to help us, support us, guide us, love us and empower us. And if we will just open ourselves to the possibility that there are angels walking amongst us, we may not conceive them with certain types of practice and techniques as you and I both know, we can begin to sense them and possibly see them. But I want people to recognize that if this farm boy from Texas, who really was born not with my gifts wide open like a lot of people and I never had any kind of psychic experiences. If I can come to the awareness and have a mystical experience where we’re spirit communicated with me. And really, really just awoke me to the understanding that I am loved as a soul. I’m not a mistake. I’m not less than. I’m not ungodly. I’m not against religion. I’m a value, I matter in the world and I have a purpose to serve. That’s what spirit taught me in my experience, which I wrote briefly about in the book. And it just reminded me. You know what? I am loved. I am special and I’m not alone and I will never be alone even when I die. I will never be alone. There will be someone in spirit to greet me and that’s what I received from my mystical experience. And that changed my life, that healed my life. And that’s why I put that as a very first principle. Because so many people think they’re alone in the world even if they’re surrounded by family. Because they don’t have a belief or a concept of a higher principle. A higher dimension of life, the afterlife, it is a real place.

Janine: And that is one of those things that, when people will say to me, “Oh, I’m so sorry you’re sitting alone, let me sit down and eat lunch with you.” And I just kind of give a little bit of, like, you don’t see all the people I see around me.

Kevin: You just sat on my cheek. Move one spot to the right.

Janine: So there’s there’s a lot of fun stuff with that. But there are times where we do have dark nights of the soul. Even those who are very spiritually aware or awake even. They do have, you know, being on planet Earth is challenging. And there are times where you can really struggle and this brings us to the step number two, which is you are a soul. But you have a body and with that body comes these crazy things called emotions, programming, however, you want to define it. So, talk to us a little bit about what prompted you to write that section.

Kevin. Sure. So that’s section came to me because in the spiritual gatherings, the circles, the seances that I’ve attended over the past many years, the spirit has always told us, they said you don’t realize the blessing that Earth brings you. The body that you have, the mechanism you call your body temple is actually like a shell or a machine for you to sense physically through your five senses. Your reality, your soul journey on Earth in that physical condition. When we return to spirit and we drop this body, we don’t have senses in the same way. We experience things much more in an immersive way, but it’s still very, it’s much more refined. It’s not as I’m going to call it crude in this dimension, but it’s much richer. It’s an incredible richness. It’s almost like an intense flavor. That’s the way they’ve described it because in the spirit world, spirit has said that when souls return they actually will share their life experiences. The experiences of pain, the experiences of true love, or broken heart or a feeling of exhilaration bliss, bodily orgasm all these types of things. And these rich senses are taking a spiritual lessons with us back into the spirit world. And their shared in much like in an auditorium setting, probably more like a stadium where souls immerse themselves into these past life experiences of human souls that have come from Earth. So I thought that was very interesting and I thought, let me remind people we are more than this body. We are eternal souls first. Every religion’s holy book says that. We don’t really talk about that in the church setting in that way. But we are first and foremost eternal souls that are incorporating or manifesting into these bodies. We are incarnating, becoming flesh, right? And so we have the experience. So if we can come from a higher dimension, which is the 4th dimension and we can incarnate into the 3rd dimension. Then we drop the body at that so-called death, it’s not really death. We just transition back to spirit. Go back to the higher dimension of life. If we can do that once, then that principle of reincarnation is already being confirmed. Because if we can make that journey to a lower dimension returning to a higher dimension, you can do it once you can go back through that door again many times in that and your soul gets to choose, not some big white man on a throne. Your soul gets to choose. So I thought it was important to remind people, we are more than our bodies and our intuitive and spiritual gifts really, we can confirm that for me especially in my students.

Janine: Right. Many of the experiences that you had and you were been so good about sharing those. So step three was one that I enjoyed because we hear about it a lot. But there are times I’ve really pressed mystics on this one and that is that love yourself daily. And one of the things I liked is you quoted RuPaul who I absolutely adore. I absolutely adore him. He looks better than I ever do on a good day, you know, and…

Kevin: I told you it’s filters, filters.

Janine: Yeah, I know. But it’s just like, you know, he’ll spend three hours on his hair. I’m sorry, I don’t have that kind of time, I don’t. But I’m grateful people like him exist because of that. So that’s where that gratitude comes in. So that’s part of loving himself every day. But you know, for somebody like you or I, What does it mean as a mystic to love yourself daily. That was so important enough that you put the daily on the end of that.

Kevin: Yes. You know, RuPaul says, its one of his most famous quotes is, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to learn to love anybody else? Can I get an amen up in here?”

Janine: I’m like, amen! You know, I remember.

Kevin: I love that. I even do that. I even say that in advance, I have so much fun with it. But it’s really true because, you know, so many of us are for years growing up, I didn’t feel loved. I didn’t feel valued. My voice never seem to matter. My presence didn’t matter. My existence didn’t seem to matter. People were telling me I should not exist. People were telling me that I had nothing to contribute. There was really no purpose for me. I was more of an inconvenience or an abomination or whatever they were telling me. And so I didn’t really have a lot of it. I had moments of it, you know, from certain family members and what I learned through my mystical experience, the one in my book, was that there was someone of a higher power, higher nature, which would happened to be mother Mary. And she said, basically, we love you, we value you, you have purpose, we’re here to support you. And that was the first time I realized I’m not going to some place called hell. I’m not going to some, I’m not a sinner, that actually I have this saintly figure who I knew of. I didn’t pray to her really, but I knew of her. And if she could say that I was a value to her as a spiritual being, then clearly I’m a value to the universe. I’m a value to God. I could be a value to humanity. And because I was reminded I have a purpose, I realized I can take this experience and use it to serve others. So I realized, if I can really incorporate this fact of this moment of healing that I have experienced in my body, mind and spirit and it’s taken away months and years of self-torture because it was all in my mind. I didn’t feel really that I love– I didn’t really love myself. I was nice to myself for the most part but I didn’t love myself. And so I began to do the ritual of looking in the mirror to say, Kevin you are valuable. You have purpose, you matter, you are loved. I love you, you look good today. And as silly as that felt in the first, really the first hours and moments that I started doing that in the days that followed it didn’t take long within a few days I really enjoyed it. And because there was nobody knocking at my door coming to tell me they love me. So I had to do it for myself. And what I saw was, really what I sensed was psychically I began to clear– sentiently feel that my soul was expanding and getting brighter. And I had more confidence and I began to feel actually more energized. And I think it was that the process of bringing the light back to myself and I’ll say this, my whole life I was taught religiously socially, family-wise, community-wise to give, give, give, never receive. I couldn’t receive for many years, it was hard even to receive compliment. And there was an elder woman in one of my churches surprisingly enough a Baptist Church, and this woman said to me as a child she said, “People are paying you compliments and you’re dismissing them. I want you to start loving yourself and learn to say thank you when people give you a compliment. Even if you don’t believe it you must be nice because you’re returning God’s love back to that person.” And you know I had forgotten that lesson for many years and then after I had that mystical experience, that came back to my mind and I realized we do have to start loving ourselves and being nicer to ourselves. Because we are the cup that pours out to our community and we must fill ourselves up and really truly love ourselves. Be comfortable with ourselves. If you’re single, I always tell people don’t rush out to get into a relationship. Learn to love yourself by start dating yourself. And I’m telling you, if you will tell people, I’m not dating anybody else but myself right now, I need to get to know me. That is one of the most, the wisest things to do. And one of the most mature things to do is to sit with yourself for a months or a couple of years, not dating, and just be with yourself. Learn to find what do you love in life. What do you really want out of life? Where do you want to live in life? Where do you want to work in life? What do you want to do in life? And so many of us just get distracted in relationships where we are doing what the other person wants us to do. And so that’s why that third one [inaudible] was a really deep message. But it came from a lot of those experiences that I had in life. So great, thank you for asking that one.

Janine: Right. It’s that love yourself daily and this is something that Kevin and I have talked about before which is what we call the mirror exercise where you actually stand love in front of the mirror. And many, many Mystics had have awoken to their true purpose or who have metaphysical gifts of one kind or another, all have been taken to task, to stand in front of that mirror until you can say I love you to that person. Because the challenge of getting to that point is pretty extreme on this planet. There’s a lot of people that have given us a lot of their perspective and opinion that is not helpful to us as we move forward with our life purpose. So that kind of moves us on then to the next one which is, say yes to life. And that was an interesting one because I was like, okay yeah, say yes to life, that sounds really cheesy, you know. And then the next thing you go, say yes to your dreams, say yes to your to fulfillment. I was like, ooh, he’s getting good. He’s getting deep on this one. And then it was, say yes to your purpose, say yes to yourself. You know, I’m like these is deep stuff when you start saying, “Yes”, and so I love Jim Carrey’s movie The Yes Man and all that were he had to say yes. He had to say yes [inaudible] life got crazy for a while, but then it got better, and it got better. So talk to us a little bit about how your life gets a little crazy but then it starts getting better when you actually start saying yes to it.

Kevin: Well, you know that was very important because one of my first mentors, probably my second mentor who came along on this mystical journey of mine and this gentleman told me he noticed that I was saying no to a lot of things. That great opportunities actually for learning, for education, for events where people were asking me to step up and shine. But because it was in the beginning stages where I just didn’t believe in myself that I had, do I really have these potentials that people keep telling me I do? Are they just being nice to me? I think they’re just being nice to me. I don’t understand what’s going on here. And there were times when I would run and hide from opportunities because I thought I can’t possibly, this can’t be real. I think I’m making all this up and I was still struggling from the programming of my growing up years. And this gentleman said to me that even his mentor had told him always say yes to opportunities for expression, for fulfillment, for your purpose, for your dreams. Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it, just jump in, like build the wings on the way down. If it’s brand new for you, you will learn how to do things the way you need to be doing them based on how your audience, your clients, your attendees react and you just basically tweak things as you go along. Don’t worry about all the little details, spirit is there to support you. I think that’s where that originally came from because I wanted people to really begin to say yes. Even running my church for 15 years, my metaphysical chapel, I noticed there were a lot of attendees who didn’t believe in themselves. But if I could get them to say yes and to begin saying that mantra, yes, I would love to attend and speak at your brunch luncheon. Yes, I would love to come speak at your church. Yes, I would love to run an article for your magazine. Yes, I would love to be on a podcast. And let me tell you, fear is powerful and fear at the core of that is what people struggle with the most. They’re afraid of their own success. What if I’m successful, then I have to deal with the customers that come. What if I’m successful? What the heck? Then I get a hire a bookkeeper to deal with the money. These are things my students have literally said to me. These are things I felt and said to myself. Well, okay, well what if I do go to Seminary and I get that title of Reverend then I got to run a church. I don’t want to, I’m not administer, I can’t run a church. Well, I actually didn’t realize I wanted to and I found when I went, when I said yes to Seminary, I only went just for the education. Spirit had a higher purpose, but I ended up falling in love with the community of people that looked up to everything I kept bringing back and sharing with them. And I realized I’m building a family. I’m building a community in Fort Lauderdale. A center of light because they can’t afford to travel like I can to go to Seminary. They can’t afford to take off a month at a time to go educate themselves but I can. So maybe my purpose and my gift is that I use that resource, that opportunity by saying yes, learning and bringing back in sharing with the people that the universe brought into my community. That couldn’t fulfill that type of the journey. So I found that my purpose could be of service to others by saying yes more and that’s what I try to teach people. Just say, yes, if people invite you to do things that are spiritually oriented or to better your business, better your own life, try to say yes and see, how does that feel? Does it feel like it’s full of light? Does it make you happy? Or there’s something bring you a sense of dread? Or something seems empty about it or didn’t feel right. If it didn’t feel right in some way, that’s a negative. That’s a closed door opportunity. Don’t go through that door. Stop trying to open it. If it feels full of light, if it feels joyful, if it makes you happy, you get excited about it. That’s an open door opportunity. Let’s walk through that door. Okay, and I always tell my students if you have to keep knocking on the door and pulling on the door to get it to open because you think it has to open. This is the universe trying to tell you Kevin go to another door. Look for another opportunity. Stop trying so hard. We’re trying to stop you from going that direction and that’s also another great lesson which was just learning to say yes spirit. And so my friends will laugh at me because I’m always saying, yes spirit. Eyes, I hear you spirit. Okay, that’s not my door.

Janine: Fine, I’ll find the one I’m supposed to open as opposed to the one that looks really, you know, like full of potential to my eyes.

Kevin: Yes to life is so important because it will just tremendously open you to the potentials of the possibilities and potentials for your purpose. So important.

Janine: So one of the things that you have is step number five and I don’t want people to groan because it’s been spoken a lot about. Right? But you see it differently? You say embrace or embody. Excuse me, embody gratitude. Now this is different. So there are wonderful teachers out there who keep talking about attitude of gratitude and all that, we’re very happy. But please dig deeper when you hear Kevin mention embody gratitude. This is different from the gratitude journal or anything that you’re writing out. So talk to us a little bit about what you mean by embody gratitude.

Kevin: Thank you. Yes. Well, I chose that word embody because literally we must become the gratitude in mind, body and spirit. It’s not about me walking around saying, “Oh, thank you Janine for having me on your show. Thank you Kevin for for hiring me as a new student” or something, you know, respect is one thing but when we embody gratitude it’s a much higher vibrational attitude, really. It’s an embodiment of my soul in this human expression. But I’ll let me tell you a little story that will make this a little more clear. Several years ago I had a job, a very lucrative high paying job, six figures and people would kill for this job. It was probably the best job I’ve ever had and I had the nastiest, rudest boss that went along with it, it was yin and yang. And I started having cardiac problems because I had allowed that relationship to sour, but it was soured with everybody in the facility. I was just one of the many in the pool of poison that that job was and most people left, but I was so determined. Oh, you’re not going to get the best of me. You’re going to take me out of here in a coffin. While I kept verbalizing it and then verbalizing it, before I knew it, I had cardiac problems. I was had syncope. The room was spinning. My head strange flutters in my chest and start coughing and then I’d feel like I’m gonna pass out. And I ran to a Cardiologist who ran every test. I was half the age of everybody in the lobby. He told me, “Why are you here? You’re way too young.” He determined it was stress and I had brought it on myself. And I went home after that and he said, “You need to re-evaluate your job” and I thought, oh no, this is the best job. I am going to be rich and this is what I want. And when I went home to start thinking about what the doctor told me that I would need to re-evaluate what is important in my life. I realized that I was focused more superficially on the job, the money, the title, the position, the career, the facility, the institution I was working for, just the status all of it brought me. And I was really living very high. But what I also realized is that I [inaudible] grateful for what I had. And I remember, I had remembered, it might have been Spirit who actually inspired me with the thought because it suddenly came to me. You know what there was this lesson somebody taught me recently about this gratitude thing and I learned I need to learn to be grateful. So I began as cheesy as it sounds, and this is what they taught me, they said you must begin to verbalize and to make physical into the universe, speak your gratitude into the universe. Don’t just think it. We must fully embody it. The way we do that is to claim our physicality with our spirituality, our spiritual nature, and speak this into the universe. And speaking is very common with mantras and prayers, and there is something to be said about that, right? That universal sound of ohm as a physical sound. So, I thought okay, how do I be grateful? Okay, thank you house, you give me a place to to be sheltered in. Thank you air conditioning, you keep me cool in Florida. Thank you Toyota Prius because you get me to work, not spending a lot of money on gas. Thank you, Prius, because you’re good on the earth, you’re your eco friendly to the Earth. Thank you air conditioning in my Prius. I mean a silly as it sounds, that’s how it began. And then I thought okay this is a little sterile let me just keep embody. So then I thought, okay well, let me embody nature. So when a breeze would come I thought, “Oh, that’s so refreshing. Thank you wind you just brought me the most beautiful feeling.” And then I would hear a parrot. We have parrots here and hear flocks of parrots. Thank you, parrots, how beautiful to hear your sound. I hear you, thank you. And then I began to realize. Wow, these flowers, these hibiscus, and the [inaudible] the Ixoras and the beautiful flowers we have in Florida. The birds-of-paradise. I’d say thank you for the beauty and you bless my eyes with your beauty. The fragrance is incredible. I just can feel the fake fragrance inside me. You bring so much light to my spirit. And did you notice how I’m pulling pulling it in? I’m pulling in the fragrance. I’m pulling in the visual stimulation and it’s exhilarating my spirit. And I physically am making the movements as I’m sharing this story because I’m embodying all aspects of the moment. And if we will begin to say and speak to the universe, you will begin to notice the universe speaking back to you. It will shock the heck out of you. And what I discovered within about a week, probably seven to ten days of doing gratitude constantly, was there was a moment at work where my boss had created a very toxic moment. Everybody was involved, there was drama, the patients, the doctors, the nurses and everybody ignored me. It was like, I was invisible and I realized, wait a minute. The drama is not involving me in this moment, but it’s literally feet away from me. And I’m sitting here reading, looking on my phone, studying something, taking a break and I’m not being included in the drama. I realized I could feel a bubble of protection around me. It was the most peculiar feeling and I realized the universe had helped me to create this field of presence that literally push the drama away from me. And that gratitude kept me in alignment with the piece and the beauty of just my being in the now that I needed. And I realized my job was a lot easier. My co-workers were beginning to relate to me in a way that they had never related to me before. And I found my job, all of my heart problems stopped probably by the second week and also my job became much more joyful and nothing affected me the same. It changed me on my mind, body and spirit level completely. That’s why I thought I have to start teaching my students in the public the power of embodying gratitude. It will literally change your life. It is not this cheesy thing, you know, assume an attitude of gratitude right. There is so much more to it. So I just wanted that to be one of the last little moon nuggets that I leave people with before they close that last page. I needed them to get a little bit of Kevin’s life teachings right at the last moment before they went on their life journey. So that’s why I added those five little bits of elements.

Janine: Right. And the embody of gratitude is so much deeper when you actually practice it. So, it can sound incredibly cheesy and like you said, you know, the first two or three days you’re just like, it’s awkward. This doesn’t feel right but I’m doing it because there’s just enough positive feedback that you know there’s something happening you may not quite know. And then when you really do embody that gratitude, nothing comes to you that you don’t acknowledge and I think that’s part of that. So having a body kind of experience that you were talking about before of the universe does come to you and say, “Thank you for the acknowledgement.” Here’s a little bit more. Oh, here’s a little bit more. And before you know it your life is much, much better.

Kevin: Trust the process, trust just at the core of that. You know the skeptics will say, well, this didn’t work after a week. Well, you’re not trusting the process. You’ve got to let it seep into you and to really try to embody that in the very kind loving high vibration away. If you can do that, I guarantee you, you will begin to sense that embodiment of gratitude in a rich way.

Janine: So we’ve gone a little bit over time, but it needed to happen. I wanted to make this work out for you in regards to these five steps because I felt very, very important in the book. And like I said, folks, this is just one small section of what is in packed into that one hundred page book. So Kevin, anything else you wish to share with us before we close out today?

Kevon: No, I’m just incredibly grateful for this opportunity. You have given me an opportunity that I said yes to because I want I truly do want to bring my life experiences, my mystical experiences. And just to remind people that you are here on Earth, you have a purpose. There are so many opportunities for you to serve other souls, your neighbors if you will with your purpose. And there’s also ways for you to build a business out of that. It’s okay to make money from your spiritual and your charity efforts or your business building efforts. You know earning a money is simply the physicality of energy exchange, right? I give you an hour of my time. You give an hour of money, that’s what we call the Dollar or the Peso or the Yen, or so, or so forth. And so, we must think about taking, creating systems in our lives that will sustain us our purpose and in our service to others. So I definitely love teaching principles of discovering your purpose and also finding your spiritual gifts, your potentials and turning that into a business that’s successful and sustainable. So I’m just so grateful to have met you and to become a dear friend of yours. And you bring me so much joy and I just can’t speak enough. I’m just, wow.

Janine: Thank you so much for your time. I really do appreciate it. And so this is Kevin Lee, Reverend Kevin Lee with your Divine Purpose: A Journey to Fulfillment and Legacy. He’s become a number one, best-selling author. If you wish additional information about Kevin Lee, please go to And we will also have this in the show notes. So thank you so much for your time today, Kevin.

Kevin: Many blessings. Love you.

Janine: All right, back at you. And this is Janine Bolon with the Practical Mystic Show. I want you to keep your feet firmly on the ground, integrate the lessons, process them for as long as you need that you’ve learned today. But keep always reaching for those stars. We’ll see you next Friday.


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